Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Adds New Episodes, Outfits And In-Game Events

Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Adds New Episodes, Outfits And In-Game Events

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds received the May 2023 update from Netmarble , a renowned creator and distributor of top-notch mobile games. All players can now encounter brand-new episodes, costumes, familiars, and numerous in-game activities.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds May 2023 Update Introduces New Episode Kinhige's Treasure Island

Players can find Treasure Island, Goldbeard's Treasure Island, where they defeat the Kraken of Goldbeard from pirates in the recently added episode . Dungeon Marine Warfare will be available for solo and five-player play as well as the story of the Reputation Quest exclusive episode. Depending on the tier, players who complete the dungeon will receive Episode EXP, Palm Tree Island Puzzle Pack, and 4 Puroins.

Pirate badges, treasure chests with pirate code pieces, and suspicious keys can all be found in Bermuda . By clearing the Episode Dungeon, you can earn the Episode EXP necessary to level up your Telescope Skill.
The Game Brings New And Familiar In-Game Events And Rewards With Its May 2023 Update

Through the Episode Pass, you'll have access to tons of rewards, including 4 Parloiners, First Mate titles, Familiar Summon Coupons, and more. This episode is also accessible via the Premium Pass. The Premium Pass includes 4 Familiar toys, a deluxe Palm Tree Island puzzle pack, pirate badges and more.

New 4 Rare Petals – Earth & Support type Familiar, Pirate Hat, Pirate Outfit, Pirate-themed Mount "Surf Skipper" are among the new cosmetic-themed items added. Wearing Grant's Fairy's Blessing increases attack speed and the damage of your hero's basic attacks.

Players can participate in three new events:
Find the Secret Logbook!: "Logbook" event items can be obtained easily through simple missions. It can be exchanged for various items such as "Golden Beard Hat", "Crystal Orb Summon Ticket", and "Miraculous Crystal Orb Guardian Doll".
Pullroiner Power-Up Event : To expand Pullrois, players can enhance it and earn items such as Jelly Bottles and 4 Pullrois.
Catch the Pirate King Crew! Events : Event Tickets can be used to play the mini-game "The Catch Pirates King Crew". Players can purchase items such as 6 Toy Treasure Chests, Familiar Summon Coupons, and Toy Combination Kits.

Players can get additional information about the Ni no Kuni: Cross World May 2023 Update by visiting Official website .

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