Dream of Bracelet Meaning in Islam


(Band; Bangle) In a dream, bracelets represent pride or women'sornaments, and for men they represent the support of one's brother.If the bracelet is made of gold in the dream, then it represents chastisement.

Dream of Bracelet Meaning in Islam

If it fits tight in the dream, it means difficulties. If each wrist carries a silver braceletor a bangle in a dream, it means disappointment or losses caused by one's
friends. If a man sees himself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means tight
financial circumstances. Wearing a gold bracelet in a dream could represent a
righteous person who strives with all his heart to do good. Should one have
enemies, then God Almighty will support and strengthen him against them.
Wearing a golden bracelet in a dream could mean either that he will be exploited
or restrained, or it could mean that he will be handcuffed.

If a ruler or someone in authority sees himself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means that he will
hold that job for sometime to come, that he will be just toward his subjects, and
they will live happily and enjoy good earnings during his regency. If one sees
his arms fitted with armlets in a dream, it means expansion or spreading of his
authority along with fame. A bracelet also represents a son, a servant, or a close
employee. If a woman sees herself wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means
blessings, favors and joy. A silver bracelet in a dream means increase in one's
profits. In general men wearing bracelets in a dream means distress, and for
women it means ornaments.

If one sees a deceased person wearing a bracelet in a dream, it means that he is in paradise. Wearing a golden bracelet is also interpreted as receiving an inheritance, a marriage, or bearing a child. Silver in a dream also could be interpreted as piety and observing one's
religious duties. Bracelets in a dream also represent the noble people of a town,
money, or beauty. If the bracelets are made from bones, ivory or cast iron, then
represent the despicable people of that town. Bracelets in a dream also can
be interpreted as sorrows, imitations, the coming events of a town, or events it
exports. (Also see Armlet; Bond')

Bragging: In a dream, bragging represents a tyrant, an unjust person, or an
aggressor. If the person seen in a dream is already dead, it is a warning for his
family. It also means failure to satisfy one's religious obligations. If the person
noted in the dream is sick, then it means that he may be nearing his death. If
he is healthy, then bragging while yawning in a dream means affliction with an
illness. (Also see Boast)

Braiding: (Hair; Intertwine; Plait) Braiding women's hair in a dream is a sign of
benefits and the same goes for men who usually braid their hair. As for the rest
of people, braiding one's hair in a dream represents complications in one's life,
unbearable debts, or confusion. (Also see Hair)

Brain: (Cerebrum) In a dream, a brain represents savings. Having an oversized
brain in a dream means reason. Having no brain in a dream means ignorance.
Eating from one's own brain or the marrows of one's own bones in a dream means
suspicious dealing with one's own money. Eating someone else's brain in a
dream means that one may die shortly or that he may steal someone's savings.
A brain in a dream also may indicate one's beliefs, religious life and the work
of one's innermost being. (Also see Body'; Marrow)
Bran: In a dream, bran represents charities, discord, or people's filth.
Brand: (See Besmear; Cauterize; Seal)

Brass founder: (Foundry) In a dream, a brass founder represents someone who
loves money and the possessions of this world. If one sees brass being shaped
over an anvil in a dream, it means a fight. If one who is intending to be married
sees brass in his dream, it means that his intended wife will be pertly, though
insolent in speech

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