Type Of Past Tense

Type Of Past Tense

Past tense expresses the actions that happened in the past.

It has also four types.

Simple Past Tense Structure:

Subject + Verb (v2) or irregular verb:


1. He completed the assignment.

2. I read the newspaper.

Past Continuous Tense Structure:

Subject + was/were + Verb(+ing)


1. He was reading the book.

2. I was going to the park for morning walk.

Past Perfect Tense Structure:

Subject + had + Verb (v3)


1. I had finished my home work.

2. He had completed his task. 

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Structure:

Subject + had + been + Verb(+ing)


1. He had been completing his assignment for the last two hours.

2. I had been playing football since morning. 

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