Sentence Structure

 A sentence is something built from words and phrases according to some system.�It is not simply some words randomly thrown in together.

A sentence is a system:

so, the important questions are...

What are the different parts of a sentence and what jobs do these sentence parts do?

  • How do these parts inter-relate so that a grammatically correct sentence is created?
  • How the various parts of a sentence interplay to form a sentence

What are the Different Sentence Parts?

Finite verb (Transitive, Intransitive, or Linking)
Object(Direct or Indirect)
Complement(Subjective or Objective)  
 Adverbial( Adjunct or Complement)

Subject and Predicate

        A sentence is made up of two parts:
The Subject—tells us which person, animal, place or thing we are talking about;
The Predicate—tells us what we are saying about that subject.
     Have a look at these sentences...
      Ahmad ate those mangoes.
      Cricket is played in Pakistan
      His sister is a teacher in Islamabad.
The bold-faced part is the subject and the remaining part is the predicate in each of the three sentences above.

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