noun and types of noun in english ?

noun and types of noun?

Noun :noun is the name of person place animal or things

Last year our neighbors bought a goat.
Michael Jackson was a pop singer.
The bus inspector looked at all  the passengers' passes.
According to Plutarch, the library at Alexandria was destroyed in 48 B.C.
Philosophy is of little comfort to the starving.

Types of noun :
  • Concrete/Abstract
  • Common/Proper
  • Collective/Group
  • Countable/Uncountable

Children like to go to the zoo and see the animals.
Honesty is the best policy.
Can we think of more such examples?

Concrete Vs Abstract noun:
love. book, car, laptop, imagination, honesty, carpet, air, loyalty, peace, intelligence, bed, kindness, anger, beauty, confidence, sofa, bottle, water  

common/proper noun:

Collective/Group noun:

Countable/Uncountable noun:

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