what is Transitive Verb and intransitive Verb?

Transitive Verb and intransitive Verb

Transitive Verb :

A transitive verb is a verb that denotes an action which passes over from the doer or subject to object. 
She bought a table.
I ate a piece of bread

Most transitive verbs take a single object. But such transitive verb such give, ask, offer, promise, tell etc. take two objects after them –an indirect object which denotes the person to whom something is given or for whom something is done. 

Direct object is usually name of some thing as 
His father gave him (Indirect) a watch (Direct).
He told me (Indirect) a secret(Direct).

The boy kicks the football.
In sentence 1, the action kicks passes over doer or a subject boy to some object football.
The verb kicks is therefore a transitive verb. (Transitive means passing over). 

intransitive Verb :

An intransitive verb is a verb that denotes action which does not pass over a object or which expresses a state or being; as 
He ran a long distance.
The baby sleeps.
She sleeps too much.
 He complains frequently

2. The boy laughs loudly.
In sentence 2, the action laughs stops with the doer or subject boy and does not pass over to an object. 
The verb laughs is therefore called a intransitive verb (Intransitive means not passing over).

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